Let's Agree and Unite
Three Beliefs that Set the Church of God apart from the Rest

We Believe

  • Jesus is who he said he was. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life! There is no other way to God, but through him. Jesus died to save us from the sin that entered the world through Adam and Eve by Dying on the Cross. With Faith in what Jesus did, we can come into a relationship with Him. 
  • The Father came down from heaven in the form of Jesus as 100% the created human being and died on the Cross. He rose 3 days later to conquer death and sin to show his power over it. Jesus said that it is better for Him to Go so he can send the Holy Spirit to Live in our Mortal body and guide us into all truth with the Power of Grace to Live Holy Transformed lives. 
  • The Bible is infallible and complete, nothing needs to be added or taken away. It is our instruction to Knowing God and how we should live like Jesus. 
Core values
It's what builds the Kingdom of God
  • Ignite Passion-
    • An undeniable love of Jesus. Being all in for His Glory
  • Ignite Vision-
    • Casting God’s vision to others and encouraging others to reach for the vision of building the kingdom. Hoping people will get clear vision to promote the Kingdom of God.
  • Ignite Power-
    • Allowing the Holy Spirit’s Fire to transformer us to Live Godly Lives that anoint others.
  • Ignite Discipleship-
    • Teaching others to live for God is the responsibility of the church. It’s more than Sunday
  • Ignite Leaders-
    • A plurality of Leaders is needed to build the Kingdom of God.  Leaders who are called must be embowered and built up to do the work God calls them to do. In the kingdom all leaders are equals that help to build up the body and each other in Love.
  • Ignite Community-
    • Gathering churches for community activities! Coming together fellowshipping and working together for the common goal of reaching people all through our community.
  • Ignite Unity-
    • Blurring Denominational Lines focusing on the common mission. Churches are stronger working together to reach the Lost.
  • Ignite Prayer-
    • If we humble ourselves to seek God and ask him to move we will see revival! In us first and all around us.
  • Ignite Evangelism-
    • The Church is built on God’s Word being proclaimed to those on the highways and byways. Motivating the army of God to reach outside the four walls of a building is key to spreading the good news.