Founders of Ignite to Unite
Jesse and Kristina Amos

Jesse and Kristina want to inspire and play a role that ignites a fire of revival in 10,000 churches. This revival will unite Churches (the Church) to work together and influence the Communities around them, harvesting the lost.

All God's People and Leaders
Calling All People of God

It's the responsibility of God's people to Connect and Unite to jointly fit together and Get to grow the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God. Let's see Revival! If you are on staff somewhere you can still be apart of this ministry. We want people to serve in a local church! We want churches to get on board and reach more people. Our focus is to see people saved and discipled. 

Meet Our Team

Jesse Amos
  • Apostle
Kristina Amos
  • Pastor
Jesse and Kristina Amos
  • Co- Founders